My name is Caroline and I am a just-about-married thirty-something woman from New York City who has graduated from an itty-bitty kitchen to a big-girl kitchen, and the big-girl life that comes with it.  

My old kitchen: 1 square foot of counter-space and a tiny under-the-counter fridge.  Currently: a dream-worthy (in NY anyway) 10 feet of counter space and actual kitchen cabinets.   What you’ll find here: recipes I love; recipes I’ve changed; recipes I’ve created on the fly; cooking successes and occasionally, disasters.  A lot of my recipes are based on those I’ve read and those I’ve grown up with.  I will try to cite the original source whenever possible.  I tend to favor baking, and I stay away from the frou-frou ingredients you’ll only find for 75$ an ounce at a fancy schmancy store.  I try to find substitutes for those ingredients that can be purchased by, you know, real people.


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